FINALLY! Out Of The Studio

FINALLY! I got a chance to listen to some of the final test mixes on a consumer system the other day and everything is starting to sound finished!! Yeahhhhh!! Still have a little tweaking to do for fades and leveling, but all in all, it's gettin' real close. At this point, I'm not going to red line and smash the heck out of these mixes. If anybody out there wants me to do alternative versions – red lined and smashed – let me know and I may decide to offer these as extras. Please send me an email and let me know. Thanks everyone.

Must Be Getting Closer...

I must be getting closer to finishing up this album project! Yes sireeeeee – as I continue to finalize some of these tracks, more and more stuff happens to take up my TIME!! Like for instance, the other day the car just broke – transmission...costs more to fix than the car's worth – now what??

Than, mystery water leak in the basement – fortunately it stopped but I have no idea what happened. What the #$$!??

And people I know – in the hospital, strange illness, what ever... Yes sireeeeeeee, it's coming!!

Wow, the new iPAd is here!

Wow, the new iPad is here – strange, it has no name but we'll call it the iPad 3! Guess Apple got so excited about the new thing they couldn't think of a name for it – how about the iPad 3??? OK than. Just saw pictures of big lines at stores everywhere to get the new thing. Hope Apple made enough to go around or there's gonna be some really disappointed kids in the streets!

I use a Mac. So far, has been a pretty good machine.

Try looking up my website on the new iPad 3, (iPad), and see what it looks like and sounds like. Send me an email to test it out. I'll be in the studio working hard on more music so everyone can have more stuff to play with!!

Well, let's see...

I don't know, this is strange. This album seems to be the hardest one I've worked on yet. One day it sounds great, the next – I don't know. Maybe it's working at this level of detail that makes my head spin.

Yesterday, when I booted up the studio and loaded up the next piece to work on, it didn't sound so good??? No matter how I tweaked it – just didn't work. Took a break for lunch, came back and it sounded MUCH better?!?!  What the...

Anyway, I just keep forging ahead – at the end of the day, everything sounded great again. I guess that's why music is an art form. This is REAL HARD WORK folks, but I enjoy it and hope you will get something out of it too!

Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day! This happens only once every four years so enjoy it while ya can. Sure plays havoc with the time/space element 'cause numbers and computer programs don't fit neatly into the orbit of the Blue Marble. But that's the point isn't it? Nothing ever fits neatly into anything.

Take this new album I'm working on. I started it out with a basic plan for music to fit into. As time goes on things keep shifting and nothing fits neatly into anything. Ever try reducing a 96k/24 bit file down to 44.1k/16 bit? Yeah it works, but not neatly. No wonder there is some much chaos and disorder – smash a little down here, squish a little into that there – sort of like living life like a gummy bear...

And The Beat Goes On...

And the beat goes on, yeah! Got a little more time in the studio this past weekend – in between all the flying paperwork.

I have some finished tracks ready for final mix tweaking and mastering that where recorded before my sampler went down, so I am able to work on a few tracks. The remainder of the album is just sitting there waiting for a replacement sampler – I hope this doesn't take too much longer to resolve, but ya know???

I gotta tell ya, I am working in the 96k/24bit format and it sounds incredible! The depth of field, height and width information and detail is really amazing. Only challenge here is making the conversion down to 44.1k/16bit format for the CD. You loose so much information on the conversion, it is a shock to the ears at first! Perhaps one day consumer electronics will be able to play back this format and it will knock the socks off the MP3 when people hear it – but not today...:(

Paperwork, Paperwork and MORE Paperwork!

And the paperwork trail rides again folks! The amount of paperwork I have to do just to tell another organization that I am a REAL person is just staggering–and on top of that sometimes THEY–(who ever THEY are) still require more proof that I am real!??! I mean, how many times do I have to call them on the phone, email 'em, send 'em to my website, even meet them in person to prove I am ME! Any body else out there get this sort of stuff? Send me an email and prove it! Ha Ha–just kidding, no really it would be fun to hear your stories!

Turned Goof Ball.

Well, as it turns out, things went Goof Ball! Started working on projects and nothing worked right!??! Got nothing accomplished– not for the lack of trying though. So...I hit the quit button and will come back today and try again. I hope this blog works righ%^8 Hh  , YYi l , Yeap, thaaaaaaaaaaats wath I thought......:)

Happy Full Moon!

Hello Everyone and Happy Full Moon! Today is it. Lets just see what happens – will it be super charged with energy, dark and mysterious or a complete goof ball!?!? As the "Blue Marble" rotates it's any body's guess....

Hello People Of The World!

Hello people of the world! It looks like more of you from Russia, Finland and the UK are listening in and stopping by my site. Thanks a bunch!! Music really is the international language and it's great to be part of the world music scene.

Any body got any question? Don't be shy–go to the Comments page on my website and ask away!

Talk to ya...

LastFM Charts 1-15-12

James Stewart on LastFM Charts 1-15-12

Hi Everyone! I'm still on the charts and rising! Thanks for continuing to listen. As you can see here, I've moved up to number 2 on the play list, (Lovers And Heroes from that same album). And if you take a look farther back on these charts, you'll see many more pieces from all my albums still playing. All thanks to YOU for listening!! Yeah! Did I say thanks? THANK YOU!

Stir It Up!

Time to stir things up, change the mix, scrape the sludge and see what happens. If things sit to long they turn into goo–and 17 degrees in the morning doesn't help! So I've started to stir the pot and as ya know, if ya want to make an omelet, you're gonna have to break some eggs –so here we go folks...

A New Year

The New Year starts fast! Time just keeps flying by and as I make the change over to the New Year, I keep finding things that haven't been updated – calenders, check book, book keeping and yes, this blog! Not to mention pictures. It's really hard to get pics of myself when I am the photographer. Anybody got any suggestions?

As for the music, well ya know, I hope to get back in the studio as soon as I can schedule it. Still looking for a replacement sampler – (see last blog entry for more info). Oops, I can't believe it, I'm out of time again! Gotta go.

Talk to ya soon....

The Holidays


Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope all is well and everybody is enjoying the season.

I intended to catch up on some of the studio work that has been backing up, but ya know, sometimes ya just gotta take a break. Looks like I really needed it – didn't know it, but I really needed some rest!

If you didn't notice, the new album has not been finished!!??! These projects are challenging enough as it is, always running into the unexpected. But this time a piece of gear, a vintage sampler, burned out on me and brought the whole project down. Wow – never had to deal with this one before. So now I have to find a piece of gear that will play back those  samples to finish up the music. I've been working on this with little luck, but I know something will turn up

Woods Walk

James Woods Walk

Went for a walk in the woods the other day and shot this picture. The weather was great for being outdoors!

Oh No, not again!

Burned out sampler! Can you believe it? Just as I was starting to make some real headway into the completion of this album, my sampler burns OUT! Complete with burnt electronic stink! Stunk up the studio and ruined the day.

Does any one know where I can get an Akai S900 or S1000 sampler? Yes, these are old units but my sample library is in this format and I have no clue how to translate it to another format if it can even be done.

Please Help! Send me an email, (found on the contact page), or write on the comments page of my website if you have any info, leads, suggestions.

Thanks everyone!

Season Of The Butterfly Available Now!

Hey everyone! Season Of The Butterfly is now available on cdbaby at: .

I finally got this album online again. Pick up your copy today and let me know what 3 bands I sound like to you. You can write your own review on the cdbaby website page or on my website on the comments page. Or, perhaps you want to post your review on facebook with a link back to my website so everyone can read it. Come on, have some fun and at the same time enjoy some good music that you might even turn your friends onto. Ya never know!!!

Oh, and if you have any questions, any questions at all about anything, PLEASE don't be afraid to ask me on the comments page of my website. Ya never know what I'm gonna say!

Ta Ta for the moment....

Hurricane Weekend

This seems to be turning into the endless album project. It always is a big challenge to do these projects no matter how many times you have done one. Unanticipated stuff always pops up, so you put in a fudge factor for timing until completion for the project. But earthquakes, hurricanes and seemingly nonstop electrical storms I forgot to factor in. Sorry about that! So..., I hope to get back on track one of these days.

The past few days where spent preparing for Irene the Hurricane. Cleaning gutters, (always my favorite), putting everything away that could fly off and getting the piping ready in the basement for the FLOODING rains.

Got lucky and only had to stay up all night pumping out the basement when Irene was causing havoc. Didn't loose power, yet! But a tree fell in the street taking the power lines down across the street with it. I can't get out! Stuck here until the power company can clean it up.

From what I hear, this is pretty light damage in comparison to other places. I hope everyone is OK...(I've been saying that a lot lately.)

Real Quick

Gotta make this real quick – just coming back up for air here... This is REALLY getting ridiculous. Days and days of electrical storms and flooding rains, all systems down – I can't even check a weather report!

I did get a few hours of studio time in – worked on a test mix of another piece for the album, then all systems down again. I have cut out two pieces of music form the album in hopes to get this project done THIS YEAR! But Jeez Luise! Enough already with the road blocks. Don't worry, I'm gonna get though this crud – hope everybody else is hanging in there too!

Oh no, here it comes AGAIN – catch ya on the next pass......


You know, you can usually make something out of nothing or from a mistake. Like this for instance – today I'm responding to questions about blogs. Me, I don't seem to know jack about blogs but here I am writing about blogs. So here is my response to a question that I tried to send back, but instead,  just got an error message:

Thanks for checking out my site and the blog!

I'm fairly new to this blog stuff myself but I would highly
recommend starting out with a free blog first, that way if it
doesn't work out, try something else, no problem.

In terms of material, I just sit down in the morning, clear my head,
and what ever pops up, I go with – just like writing my music! I let
it go in any direction it wants – kinda fun actually!

Hope this helps...

James Stewart

Spam, Spam, Spam!

You know, it's funny – no matter how hard you try or how well you think you're protected, spam always seems to get through. What a useless waste of time! Do these people really think they are contributing something worth while to society???  I guess they have so much time and money on their hands, (and a small appliance bulb size IQ,) that is all they can do in life. Wow! What a way to spend your days. Where do I sign up for such a useless way of life!!!!

Oh, and congratulations to all the 3rd graders in DC for really standing up for the people and having such a great party with all our money. I hope all those private trips to the islands where really great fun!

I'm having a can of split pea soup for dinner tonight....

Lovers And Heroes now Available

OK, I actually got  some more work done on the new album this week. I really like the way this album sounds. About half of the material has been mixed and ready for final mastering, or so it seems today. This stuff is never really finished, you just kinda let it go and move on. These pieces just go where they want and I go along with it. It truly is quite fascinating how this works out!

Also, I now have "Lovers And Heroes" available again on cdbaby and iTunes. Look for them there and give them a listen. When the new album comes out, you will be able to hear why I've been slaving so hard on all the details. It's really worth it! Happy listening...

Sunny Day

It's a beautiful sunny day at last! Been lots of stormy, sticky, hot, humid days with power outages and you guessed it, all systems down for the count.

But today, I'm back up for a moment to say howdy folks! Let's see if I can get a few things done. Seems like everybody disappeared or they too have been beaten up by this weather. I am starting to hear from people again, slowly. The west coast checking in with an old friend from the past. Thanks for the updates Paul. Keep noodlin' with those guitars man.

Keep checking back. I am slugging my way through this mess!

Hey, just remember, you can do this, you can do this.....


Yikes! It's been a while since my last blog. Well, time flies when you're being annoyed, what can I say!

Been tweaking the website, thanks for all the comments, especially Becky over at U of Missouri. We aim to please here at YMP Records and are working hard to get the best quality visual and recorded sound experience we can for ya! After all, it is entertainment and there's a lot of detail that goes into this.

Also, working on the album cover and STILL trying to get back into the studio for more work on the album. These electrical storms need to STOP! But I'm really not complaining, I mean have ya seen the weather map across the country – Whoa, what a mess, hope everyone is all right...


About those pictures. The questions and comments are a flying now!

Yes, there are more pictures around somewhere. I have to take them out of the funny bin and scan them in, than upload them – they came from the ancient age of pre-digital. As we all know times change and so do looks, isn't this fun! I have some great pictures that I recently saw, but now I have to go back and find them....working on this.

But today, it is a bit sticky and HOOOOOOOOT! I am melting. I guess I'll just have a few ice cold sodas in aluminum cans and jump in the creek. Look out....................


The storms just seem to keep rolling in. This weather is really getting out of control – global warming, air pollution, severe storms – na, what do you thing? I am just a struggling keyboard player, what do I know.

What I do know, is I can't run my systems or the studio in this @##&?? Need a change here, but perhaps another day. I am gonna watch the garden wash least I have a can of beans to eat tonight.

Growing The Garden

If you want to grow a garden, you have to plant some seeds. And, along the way you're gonna have to disturb the earth and get your hands dirty. It's hard work but the end result is worth the effort.

I am digging in the dirt and turning over the soil. Sometimes you hit a rock that won't budge, so you have to keep digging around it until you find fresh soil that you can plant new seeds in. It takes time and patience, seed by seed, until you have a nice crop for everyone.

Ah, I like spring, the season of the butterfly.


OK, We're connecting this thing up. I am now on fred, ooops, facebook. Clicking the F button somewhere on the right they tell me, will take you to my page. I gotta say, that fbook software is one humdinger. Yes sir eee...... It just seems to do what ever. I tried looking for myself and it couldn't find me?? BUT, if you visit my website and click the button, you go right there. Well OK then.

And, things seem to calming down in terms of learning new software, so I may get lucky and get in the studio soon. I hope everything still works.

Thanks everyone for the comments so far. Very nice!

Start Up

Things came to a screeching halt in the studio when work began on this site. What was I thinking??? I knew

Just The Beginning

Well, here we go! Just jumpin right in and I have no idea what I am doing. I hope this thing runs right. What??!#**%$

OK folks, we will see where this is going.

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