And The Beat Goes On...

And the beat goes on, yeah! Got a little more time in the studio this past weekend – in between all the flying paperwork.

I have some finished tracks ready for final mix tweaking and mastering that where recorded before my sampler went down, so I am able to work on a few tracks. The remainder of the album is just sitting there waiting for a replacement sampler – I hope this doesn't take too much longer to resolve, but ya know???

I gotta tell ya, I am working in the 96k/24bit format and it sounds incredible! The depth of field, height and width information and detail is really amazing. Only challenge here is making the conversion down to 44.1k/16bit format for the CD. You loose so much information on the conversion, it is a shock to the ears at first! Perhaps one day consumer electronics will be able to play back this format and it will knock the socks off the MP3 when people hear it – but not today...:(

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