The Holidays


Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope all is well and everybody is enjoying the season.

I intended to catch up on some of the studio work that has been backing up, but ya know, sometimes ya just gotta take a break. Looks like I really needed it – didn't know it, but I really needed some rest!

If you didn't notice, the new album has not been finished!!??! These projects are challenging enough as it is, always running into the unexpected. But this time a piece of gear, a vintage sampler, burned out on me and brought the whole project down. Wow – never had to deal with this one before. So now I have to find a piece of gear that will play back those  samples to finish up the music. I've been working on this with little luck, but I know something will turn up.

So...I hope to be able to finish up the new album in 2012 as soon as I can play back my samples again and complete the mixing. Yeah! Keep an ear out for it in the coming months. See you all in the New Year!

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