Well, let's see...

I don't know, this is strange. This album seems to be the hardest one I've worked on yet. One day it sounds great, the next – I don't know. Maybe it's working at this level of detail that makes my head spin.

Yesterday, when I booted up the studio and loaded up the next piece to work on, it didn't sound so good??? No matter how I tweaked it – just didn't work. Took a break for lunch, came back and it sounded MUCH better?!?!  What the...

Anyway, I just keep forging ahead – at the end of the day, everything sounded great again. I guess that's why music is an art form. This is REAL HARD WORK folks, but I enjoy it and hope you will get something out of it too!


Mike Everhart March 11, 2012 @02:47 pm
I'm glad the pieces are coming together. Hope to see you next weekend.
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