What Does Music Do For You?

What does music do for you? It does lots of things. First, it entertains you and makes you feel something, probably something good. Then perhaps, it makes you think about something, good times, bad times and anything in between. Maybe even makes you want to dance. And on and on and on...

It does different things to different people, even the same piece of music! Fascinating.

This, and a lot more, is what you get from music. Over and over again. You could even say this is what's in it for you. This is what makes you come back and keep listening because it does good things for YOU! Everybody! Yeah...

So..., it's OK to keep listening, over and over again. Even tell a friend, and they tell a friend , and they tell a friend...

Now, go and listen to some music and be taken off somewhere into your imagination. There are no limits to where you can go!

(P.S. – You can start by clicking on the play button at the bottom of your screen here.)

Have fun, good luck, be swept away and don't forget to email me and tell me where you went – if you dare!!!

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