It's Cinco de Mayo again May 5, 2016!

Well folks, it's that time of year again – Cinco de Mayo 2016! Time sure does fly when you're being amused.

As this is more of an American celebration presented by big beer companies then Mexico, what else can I say.

Ya'll have fun now and paddle home safely!!

Watched The 57th Grammy Awards!

Watched a little bit of the 57th Grammy Awards show last night. I must say, I never expect much from these shows but often am surprised at how they turn out.

I gotta tell ya, AC/DC still knows how to rip up an arena! As a show opener, man, they ripped the living daylights out of the place. Even the old suit guys where standing in awe but trying not to show their excitement. Yo! Nothing like a good ol' steaming live show baby!

And Miranda Lamberts "Little Red Wagon" blasted through real fine too! Don't know if was a mistake on the networks part, or if Miranda got bleeped out, but there was a drop out there for a second and she sure was smiling! Anybody catch that??

And gotta love LL Cool J bud. Did a fine job as usual. Great show ol' boy!

Didn't get to see all the show, but what I did see I liked, and woah, woah, woah, those light shows behind the bands where just spectacular...

Hope you all got a chance to see some of it too....

Happy Cinco de Mayo 2014!

Hey everyone – Happy Cinco de Mayo 2014! Yes, this is it, the big day to celebrate the little victory in Mexico in 1862 that, once again changed history for a lot of people and big countries of the world.

Fascinating read as most history stories reveal long forgotten facts and events that changed the world.

Check this link here for more details on this one:

Also of note, as this is a Mexican event, it's not really celebrated in Mexico but more in the US. And made more popular in the 1980's by marketeers for the big beer companies.

Anybody got any more comments – email me or post'm up here!

Happy Celebrating....

1st Day Of Spring 2014!

Happy 1st day of Spring 2014! Yeah, finally it's here. A little warmer than it has been and no SNOW today!

Been a long, cold and snowy winter this year – seems like one of the coldest that I can remember. But today, I can see the yellow and purple crocuses opened up in the yard and they look spectacular.

Spring, a time for new growth and new starts. What will this bring? Hold on to your hats folks 'cause there's an explosion of colorful new things headed our way. Send me an email and let me what's popping up...

It's Snowing!

It's the first snow of the season! Nothing sticking but it's a real snow shower blowing outside the window. Yiiip Peee, no shoveling. Now all I have to do is bring in all the plastic yard ornaments before they freeze up and bust. Uh Oh... no more pink plastic flamingos until next year. (The dogs were just using them for, uh, well you know...)

The temperature is dropping as I write this, so I guess the first arctic blast of the year is here. Now, where did I put my warm gloves....

Boo Hoo It's Halloween!

Boo Hoo and a Happy Halloween to all!

Woke up this morning and a fog was in the air. Orange glow in the sky as I looked through the twiggy trees who's leaves are half missing. Yes, this slightly odd and chilling sight could only be one thing – Halloween! How perfect and on this particular day. Gonna be a good one I say. Lets see whether it'll be a trick or a treat!?!?

Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo....

The New Myspace

Well, the rumors have been flying for some time about Myspace. Is it dead, is it alive, is it trying to come back and just won't make it? I don't really know, but what I can tell you is that in the short time I've been active on it, it certainly appears to be engaging. Full of everything I've been looking for. AND the musicians/people on there all seem to be having a great time!

Here is my Myspace page address, check it out for yourself and explore:


The software seems a bit clunky at times, but I really haven't had any problems. Nothing but fun and response from musicians and people – just the way a music social site should be.

So again, try it, you might like it! And you might even discover some really cool new music and friends along the way. Shoot me an email or connect with me on Myspace and let me know what you find.

Later – James

The Heat Has Broken!

Finally the heat has broken! Yeah!! Woke up this morning to a cool breeze and lower humidity. Wow, sure feels great after weeks of blazing high temps and sticky wet days. I'm gonna open the window, sit back and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee as the cool breeze blows in – maybe even listen to a tune or two, then get to work. What tunes would you think about listening to this morning?

Saw The Clear Blue Sky

I saw the clear blue sky this morning. Something I haven't seen for a while. Been cloudy, grey, rainy, stormy. What a wonderful thing to see for the first of the day.

Got another heat wave starting up and it looks like it could be a long one. A heat wave is defined as three consecutive days of above 90 degrees and this one is setting up to go all week long! Say it's not true!!! Well, we shall see.

Send me an email and tell me how hot it is in your town. We'll compare notes....

Happy May Day!

And a Happy May Day to all! At last here it is, May. A break from the cold rainy days of early spring and a blast of color and warmth to bring in the new season of growth. Everything is coming back to life after a long winters sleep, bringing excitement and anticipation of the warm fun days of summer. And today is bright and sunny and comfortably warm to bring it all in – feels just wonderful!

Also, as you can see, the start of a new blog page, YEAH! I'll leave the previous blogs up for anyone who wants to glance back into the past.

Been busy researching cameras. Wow, there is a lot to check out and learn. These things have come a long way and do a lot more than just take snap shots. As soon as I can find one that meets my needs, I hope to be posting more photos and things of what is going on around here. My old camera is functional, but real clunky, slow and tedious to use and download pics – thus the lack of photo updates.

May Day, new Blog page, sunny warm day – off to a great start! Email me if you have any suggestion on digital cameras so I can get started on this new adventure. Happy May Day!

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