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Nice, Nice, Nice! Like the music much! Want to hear more....
Nice music! I'd like to hear more of this material on the radio. Keep up the good work!
The colors work for me. Looks good!
Been listening to your new album Sky Blue on MySpace and really like it! Pang is one of my favorite right now. I see lots of other people like it too. Keep writing great music! Thanks...
Really like the new album Sky Blue! Has a nice groove to it. Keep up the good work!
Congrats on your hard work!!! I know you put your heart and soul into this and you should feel very proud!!
Hey James I hear thru the grapevine that you have a new release about to happen, Is this true?
Hey, I just saw you on YouTube. Is this new? Please let us know if you will be posting videos. Thanks, and love the music!
Hey, 52 Pick-Up, isn't that an Elmore Leonard story? Great screw ball movie! I saw that a while back, good music too! How's the new album shaping up?
what's your story bud? Pretty cool site, great music, what films has it been in?
Hey, just heard some tracks from your 1st album Season Of The Butterfly. Really like the music! I'm glad you made that available again because I've never heard it before. Can I get it on iTunes?
LOVE the Jack Damage photos.
Hey, been reading your blog. I hope you get to make more progress on your new album. I don't know how anybody does a big project like that. Can't wait to hear some of the new material.
Hey, just heard your music on Last.Fm! As The Snow Falls or something like that. I like that I can hear your music while I work. Great!
Well, sounds like great music to me! I hear it's on Last.FM and Spotify, yeah! I'm gonna listen for it.
So thats what happened to Jack The Plumber
Love the pictures of you in LA! Nice hair. Where are the castle pictures taken from? Cool music too. Want to hear more.
Just checking back with you. I like the modified site, nice colors. When are you going to give us more pictures? Hope the new album is coming along.
are there any more photos other than the ones you posted? are they as funny? i like the last one the best... the guy in the backround is kinda blurry but hilarious at photo bombing! :)
Love the energy of the music and its wide world themes.
Hey, just wanted to say, like the site, like the music. I am going to keep listening. Can't wait for the new album!
He is such a great teacher. Love your music. I showed it to my family.
funky awesome hair and lessons! you rock!
you are an awesome piano teacher with some crazy hair when you were young!!!
That hair is for real! So is the music.
Wait until they discover that your are bald!
Nice, very nice
wowzie zowzie that there is some website!
Just happened to stumble on this site. Like the music.
Nice to see ya on the grid! Finally