The Music Of James Stewart


Here are the stories behind the music. You know there is always a story, whether it is true or not, which makes it all the more fun! And we've been told there is more truth here than meets the ears. (We have inside contacts.)

Sky Blue CD front cover   Sky Blue (Wilmington, DE) It's finally here and James Stewart IS reemerging after 15 years on the “dark side of the moon” with a brand new studio album, “Sky Blue.” (Read more)

Under The Pyramid front cover   Under The Pyramid (Wilmington, DE)  As the story goes, things were starting to move musically. The second album, "Lovers And Heroes," was gaining national attention and momentum. (Read more)

Lovers And Heroes front cover   Lovers And Heroes (Los Angeles, CA / Wilmington, DE)  Well, the story on this one..., I started writing the music in my little house in the hills in LA, and then after the fires, floods, earth quakes and the LA riots–??, (yep–riots!)...(Read more)

Season Of The Butterfly front cover   Season Of The Butterfly (Los Angeles, CA)  I just happened to look out my kitchen window one day and this beautiful butterfly was hovering around the lemon tree in the garden. What a sight with all the yellows and blues. (Read more)