Season Of The Butterfly – The Album


Season Of The Butterfly front cover 1992 – YMP Records

Season of the Butterfly - James Stewart


(Los Angeles, CA)  I just happened to look out my kitchen window one day and this beautiful butterfly was hovering around the lemon tree in the garden. What a sight with all the yellows and blues. My latest band project had just broken up, (again!), and I had some really good material finished, so I thought I would see how the music sounded as instrumentals. It sounded much better than I imagined, so this busted up project morphed into James Stewart the solo project! I never intended to be a solo musician but the music really came to life, so I went for it, kind of like a butterfly morphs out of something else.

Track List:

  1.     1)   Classical Gas
  2.     2)   Tough Times
  3.     3)   Think About This
  4.     4)   Wonder What She's Thinking
  5.     5)   The Fury Rages On
  6.     6)   Bad Day In The City
  7.     7)   Somewhere, The Stars Shine
  8.     8)   Dance Of The Nymphs
  9.     9)   Cry Out!
  10.    10)   Dusk
  11.    11)   Black Night
  12.    12)   Jackie



Here are some sound clips from the album: