Sky Blue – New Album!


Sky Blue CD Cover  2012 – YMP Records (Buy now from CDBaby and iTunes.)


(Wilmington, DE) It's finally here and James Stewart IS reemerging after 15 years on the “dark side of the moon” with a brand new studio album, “Sky Blue.” This ten–track rock/instrumental album is filled with vivid cinematic textures, soaring melodic lines and bedrock shaking dynamics. “The new pieces are very dynamic yet subtle and dimensional,” says Stewart. “I purposely did not push these mixes to ear bleeding levels so as not to squash the impact. Turn it up, be patient when listening and you shall be rewarded with amazing surprises!”

Track List:

  1. 1)    Pang
    2)    Stuff Happens
    3)    Sky Blue
    4)    Trance 2
    5)    Chopped
    6)    Magic Carpet
    7)    Charmed
    8)    The Gap
    9)    Follow The Clouds
    10)  Reflex



Here are some sound clips from the album: