FINALLY! Out Of The Studio

FINALLY! I got a chance to listen to some of the final test mixes on a consumer system the other day and everything is starting to sound finished!! Yeahhhhh!! Still have a little tweaking to do for fades and leveling…

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Must Be Getting Closer...

I must be getting closer to finishing up this album project! Yes sireeeeee – as I continue to finalize some of these tracks, more and more stuff happens to take up my TIME!! Like for instance, the other day the…

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Wow, the new iPAd is here!

Wow, the new iPad is here – strange, it has no name but we'll call it the iPad 3! Guess Apple got so excited about the new thing they couldn't think of a name for it – how about the…

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Well, let's see...

I don't know, this is strange. This album seems to be the hardest one I've worked on yet. One day it sounds great, the next – I don't know. Maybe it's working at this level of detail that makes my…

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Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day! This happens only once every four years so enjoy it while ya can. Sure plays havoc with the time/space element 'cause numbers and computer programs don't fit neatly into the orbit of the Blue Marble. But that's…

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And The Beat Goes On...

And the beat goes on, yeah! Got a little more time in the studio this past weekend – in between all the flying paperwork.

I have some finished tracks ready for final mix tweaking and mastering that where recorded before…

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Paperwork, Paperwork and MORE Paperwork!

And the paperwork trail rides again folks! The amount of paperwork I have to do just to tell another organization that I am a REAL person is just staggering–and on top of that sometimes THEY–(who ever THEY are) still require…

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Turned Goof Ball.

Well, as it turns out, things went Goof Ball! Started working on projects and nothing worked right!??! Got nothing accomplished– not for the lack of trying though. So...I hit the quit button and will come back today and try again…

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Happy Full Moon!

Hello Everyone and Happy Full Moon! Today is it. Lets just see what happens – will it be super charged with energy, dark and mysterious or a complete goof ball!?!? As the "Blue Marble" rotates it's any body's guess....

Hello People Of The World!

Hello people of the world! It looks like more of you from Russia, Finland and the UK are listening in and stopping by my site. Thanks a bunch!! Music really is the international language and it's great to be part…

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LastFM Charts 1-15-12

Hi Everyone! I'm still on the charts and rising! Thanks for continuing to listen. As you can see here, I've moved up to number 2 on the play list, (Lovers And Heroes from that same album). And if you…

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Stir It Up!

Time to stir things up, change the mix, scrape the sludge and see what happens. If things sit to long they turn into goo–and 17 degrees in the morning doesn't help! So I've started to stir the pot and as…

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A New Year

The New Year starts fast! Time just keeps flying by and as I make the change over to the New Year, I keep finding things that haven't been updated – calenders, check book, book keeping and yes, this blog! Not…

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The Holidays

Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope all is well and everybody is enjoying the season.

I intended to catch up on some of the studio work that has been backing up, but ya know, sometimes ya just gotta take a break…

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Woods Walk

Went for a walk in the woods the other day and shot this picture. The weather was great for being outdoors!

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