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James Stewart Sitting   Thinking back when I was just a kid, I use to say I wanted to be a musician. Little did I know that I must of really meant it! Everything I did just sort of ended up back doing something musical. And now, many years later as a professional musician, I get to teach, play, write, record and produce almost every day, – who would of thought I would have landed here?

Learning how to play piano and/or keyboards can and should be fun and exciting. This is one of the many reasons I teach, to give anyone the chance to experience the same joy and thrill I get every day from playing! To me there isn't anything else like it!

In my approach to teaching, I strip all the high level confusing text book goo out and distill it down to the simple basics. Building up a good solid foundation in music from the start makes it much easer for students to move in any direction they want to go.

One on one, private instruction sitting at the keyboard is one of best ways to learn I've found. You can see the patterns on the keyboard as we discuss things. You can hear the patterns as we play them on the keyboard. You can understand what you are seeing and hearing as we play them. And, most importantly, this makes it all easier to remember so you can immediately use what you just learned with confidence!

Ear TrainingTechniqueTheoryTiming/FeelImprovisationRepertoire/Styles, are all covered giving the student a well rounded, knowledgeable background with confidence to play what You want to play.

Currently, James Stewart is available for online lessons and private instruction in the North Wilmington, DE area, (approximately). If you live nearby and would like more information about studying with James, please use the following link: Study With James – Lessons


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Sky Blue Front Cover

2012 – YMP Records

Sky Blue - James Stewart

Under The Pyramid front cover

1995 – YMP Records

Under the Pyramid - James Stewart

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1994 – YMP Records

Lovers and Heroes - James Stewart

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1992 – YMP Records

Season of the Butterfly - James Stewart

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The new CD Sky Blue is available!

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