Hot Diggy Dogie ! Wednesday July 19, 2023

Well I can't believe it. It's National Hot Dog Day 2023 folks! Yippee and ah how da ya doodie day!

Just gotta wolf down one ah them snappin' dogs on a bun with that brown spicy mustard.

Hope ya'll get…

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It's Cinco de Mayo again May 5, 2016!

Well folks, it's that time of year again – Cinco de Mayo 2016! Time sure does fly when you're being amused.

As this is more of an American celebration presented by big beer companies then Mexico, what else can I…

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Watched The 57th Grammy Awards!

Watched a little bit of the 57th Grammy Awards show last night. I must say, I never expect much from these shows but often am surprised at how they turn out.

I gotta tell ya, AC/DC still knows how to…

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Happy Cinco de Mayo 2014!

Hey everyone – Happy Cinco de Mayo 2014! Yes, this is it, the big day to celebrate the little victory in Mexico in 1862 that, once again changed history for a lot of people and big countries of the world.

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1st Day Of Spring 2014!

Happy 1st day of Spring 2014! Yeah, finally it's here. A little warmer than it has been and no SNOW today!

Been a long, cold and snowy winter this year – seems like one of the coldest that I can…

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It's Snowing!

It's the first snow of the season! Nothing sticking but it's a real snow shower blowing outside the window. Yiiip Peee, no shoveling. Now all I have to do is bring in all the plastic yard ornaments before they freeze…

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Boo Hoo It's Halloween!

Boo Hoo and a Happy Halloween to all!

Woke up this morning and a fog was in the air. Orange glow in the sky as I looked through the twiggy trees who's leaves are half missing. Yes, this slightly odd…

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The New Myspace

Well, the rumors have been flying for some time about Myspace. Is it dead, is it alive, is it trying to come back and just won't make it? I don't really know, but what I can tell you is that…

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The Heat Has Broken!

Finally the heat has broken! Yeah!! Woke up this morning to a cool breeze and lower humidity. Wow, sure feels great after weeks of blazing high temps and sticky wet days. I'm gonna open the window, sit back and enjoy…

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Saw The Clear Blue Sky

I saw the clear blue sky this morning. Something I haven't seen for a while. Been cloudy, grey, rainy, stormy. What a wonderful thing to see for the first of the day.

Got another heat wave starting up and it…

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Happy May Day!

And a Happy May Day to all! At last here it is, May. A break from the cold rainy days of early spring and a blast of color and warmth to bring in the new season of growth. Everything is…

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