Just listened to your CD, "Under The Pyramid". I really liked the song "Mirrors" with its bass line groove. (If I can wiggle my butt, I'm happy.) Your CD was powerful and a joy to listen to. I'm glad to have had the chance to experience it. – Diane Lowery / Electronic Musician ”

Electronic Musician Magazine

  There is an incredible market for this musical genre, and James Stewart fits neatly within that framework. – Music Connection ”

Music Connection Magazine

  Through his unique blend of synthesis and music, James has captured a variety of emotions so real, you can almost touch them. – David Rosenthal / Billy Joel Keyboardist    ”

David Rosenthal / Billy Joel Keyboardist

   "...a well crafted piece of work. The phones always light up when we play James Stewart!" – WJJZ Radio ”

WJJZ Radio / Philadelphia

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