Under the Pyramid

(Wilmington, DE) 

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1995 – YMP Records

As the story goes, things were starting to move musically. The second album, "Lovers And Heroes," was gaining national attention and momentum. People were listening and the album was selling in stores. I went right back into the studio and started writing "Under The Pyramid." The material was just rushing out fast! You never really know where this stuff comes from sometimes.

Track List: 

    1)   Get It Right! 
    2)   Mirrors 
    3)   The Entrance 
    4)   Dawn 
    5)   Hippogriff 
    6)   12 
    7)   Daydream Drone 
    8)   Reflections 
    9)   Space for Me 
    10)   Waves 
    11)   Betrayal 
    12)   Hazy Daisy 
    13)   Rainy Day 
    14)   Under The Pyramid 

Here are some sound clips from the album:

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