Been Very Very Hot!

Wow. This month's been really hot so far. I've had to run the house AC just about every day this month. No breaks. That's unusual because in the summer around here, I only have to run the house AC from time to time with a few heat burst weeks scattered around. Now, it seems like it really is getting hotter and I'm not the only one noticing. Except of course for the idiots in DC who sit around in posh, cool, exquisitely decorated rooms and talk about where their next private jet ride at tax payers expense will take them to dinner – Oh, sorry about that, I digress.... :-)

I did get a chance to listen to a copy of the possibly finished and mixed CD and just about everything sounds good! So I'm letting that settle a bit and now I'm back to working on the CD cover. Perfect timing for a change because the weather has been so hot – with low power, it's not great to run the studio unless I have to. Gets too hot in there even with AC and really wears on the equipment.

So, I'm plodding along making progress and hoping that someone in DC can see there's trouble in River City and somebody needs to STOP wasting OUR MONEY and DO something about this pending train wreck headed our way.

And now I need to go jump in a pool........

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