Happy May Day!

And a Happy May Day to all! At last here it is, May. A break from the cold rainy days of early spring and a blast of color and warmth to bring in the new season of growth. Everything is coming back to life after a long winters sleep, bringing excitement and anticipation of the warm fun days of summer. And today is bright and sunny and comfortably warm to bring it all in – feels just wonderful!

Also, as you can see, the start of a new blog page, YEAH! I'll leave the previous blogs up for anyone who wants to glance back into the past.

Been busy researching cameras. Wow, there is a lot to check out and learn. These things have come a long way and do a lot more than just take snap shots. As soon as I can find one that meets my needs, I hope to be posting more photos and things of what is going on around here. My old camera is functional, but real clunky, slow and tedious to use and download pics – thus the lack of photo updates.

May Day, new Blog page, sunny warm day – off to a great start! Email me if you have any suggestion on digital cameras so I can get started on this new adventure. Happy May Day!

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