The New Myspace

Well, the rumors have been flying for some time about Myspace. Is it dead, is it alive, is it trying to come back and just won't make it? I don't really know, but what I can tell you is that in the short time I've been active on it, it certainly appears to be engaging. Full of everything I've been looking for. AND the musicians/people on there all seem to be having a great time!

Here is my Myspace page address, check it out for yourself and explore:


The software seems a bit clunky at times, but I really haven't had any problems. Nothing but fun and response from musicians and people – just the way a music social site should be.

So again, try it, you might like it! And you might even discover some really cool new music and friends along the way. Shoot me an email or connect with me on Myspace and let me know what you find.

Later – James

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