Watched The 57th Grammy Awards!

Watched a little bit of the 57th Grammy Awards show last night. I must say, I never expect much from these shows but often am surprised at how they turn out.

I gotta tell ya, AC/DC still knows how to rip up an arena! As a show opener, man, they ripped the living daylights out of the place. Even the old suit guys where standing in awe but trying not to show their excitement. Yo! Nothing like a good ol' steaming live show baby!

And Miranda Lamberts "Little Red Wagon" blasted through real fine too! Don't know if was a mistake on the networks part, or if Miranda got bleeped out, but there was a drop out there for a second and she sure was smiling! Anybody catch that??

And gotta love LL Cool J bud. Did a fine job as usual. Great show ol' boy!

Didn't get to see all the show, but what I did see I liked, and woah, woah, woah, those light shows behind the bands where just spectacular...

Hope you all got a chance to see some of it too....

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