Been A Bit Foggy...

The past couple of days have been dark, grey and foggy. Maybe even longer, at least it seems like it anyway. Good for hanging low and doing more behind the scenes stuff like converting files, reformatting files, uploading files and writing more descriptions – geez...., it's a good thing I payed attention in English class!!

You know, I just though I would be able to play music but this new music business has me doing more English class stuff and computer data stuff than ever before. I 'm really surprised how most of the work is at the computer keyboard and not the music keyboard – fascinating!

On the sunny side of things, and that should be coming out in the next day or so, the new album, Sky Blue, is slowly making it's way through the system. Early results are looking good folks. Thanks everyone for listening! Don't forget to listen for it on the net radio. Send me an email and let me know when you hear it on Spotify or or where ever.

Happy Listening...

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